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October Guild Event

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 Fall is finally here, and Halloween is soon to come! To spice things up, we are inviting the Edge of Light Guild Members to join us for the October Guild Event! 


What: Fall/Halloween Screenshot Contest

When: October 1st-30th

How: Simply post your best screenshot(s) from the battle(s) while wearing a Fall outfit or a Halloween costume. 

How to win: Invite your friends to vote for you! 


  1. You must be an EOL member.
  2. You are allowed to post up to 3 screenshots 


  1. Edge of Light coffee mug + 25m gold
  2. Edge of Light bottle opener + 15m gold
  3. Edge of Light keychain + 10m gold

🍁Good luck and Happy Fall Y’all! 🍁


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** October Guild Event Winners!**

1st Place - Soldier and Yarii 

2nd Place - Fuyumii (aka Rita) 

3rd Place - TendoEnju, Kerrot, and AMADWAN


Congratulations! Thank you for participating and thanks to those who voted for these winners! 

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