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April Guild Event

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April Guild Event

Event Title: The Spring Scavenger Hunt



Starting on Friday, April 10th @ 9:00 PM EST 

Ending on Saturday, April 11th @ 11:59 PM


Where: The path between Colhen and Rocheste in Ch. 1


How to Participate: 

🐰 Put on a bunny outfit or any outfit of your choice with a bunny headgear. Dye your outfit in **pastel colors** and wear it on the Event Day! 

🐰 Meet with us on Friday, April 10th @ 9:00 PM EST. 

🐰 At the gathering point, RennyLop will give you a list of the items you must gather. 

🐰 After you finish gathering the items, take a screenshot , post it on here, and COD the items to RennyLop. 


The fastest participants will win the following rewards:

1st Place: Astera Weapon Essence

2nd Place: Dullahan’s Essence

3rd Place and 4th Place : Abomination’s Essence and Eochaid’s Essence


🐰 Good Luck to you all and Happy Hunting! 🐰 

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Just a more detailed explanations on what to expect:

You'll be given lists of items under 6 different categories. Each category may contain 1 to 5 items. When the choices are given, you can pick out which item within the list to farm. You only need to farm quantity 1 of the item you choose, and you satisfy the requirement for that category's challenge. 

You are to farm 8 items in total, one of the category you will be given 5 items and you need to pick 3 to complete the challenge for that category. The other 5 categories only require 1 material to be gathered each. 

Every participant completing all 6 challenges will receive a small prize at the end

I would recommend you to be on group's discord so I can send you the entire list in DM. 

If you have any questions or need clarification let me know. Happy hunting!

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