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  1. the public lit the tree event

    Clipboard 6.jpg

  2. hmmm i dont know .......

    Clipboard 2.jpg

  3. i never was a friend of the cold, of the winter and his snow, but i like u all so i like 2 wish u a merry xMas over all !
  4. tryed to make a XMAS shot but sadly was in any pic a pumkin bug 😷✌️ merry xmas so far

    Clipboard 3.jpg

  5. ilike2luv that juice



    1. AmA ly Y ss A
    2. AmA ly Y ss A

      AmA ly Y ss A

      wow the paradisestoner event eats all my gold but she got a +13 now


  6. testin voice update (NA)



    1. AmA ly Y ss A

      AmA ly Y ss A

      k i hate it


  7. gifted a greatsword to a friend....


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