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  1. Ima sneak in here and drop a bomb real quick! (not an entree tho)
  2. And the winners for the raffle:
  3. Wir haben auch eine Abyssal Arena, von der Sie Seals erhalten können (5 pro Lauf). Und Sie können immer in "DISCORD" nach Partys fragen. Die meisten Leute spielen und kommunizieren innerhalb ihrer Gilden für Raids. Beispiel: Meine Gilde hat hier einen Zeitplan in Foren gepostet, und wir haben einen "Gruppe suchen" -Kanal in unserer privaten Gilde "DISCORD".
  4. EVENT FOR EDGE OF LIGHT GUILD ONLY Start: Friday, March 1st End: Sunday, March 3rd Entree fee: 1,000,000 gold per person How it works: Next 3 days, everyone can participate in raffle. Each person sends in 1mil gold, at the end of Sunday, we'll draw up to 3 participant names for the sum collected EXAMPLE: 1 to 5 participants in raffle - will draw one name, and the winner will get the entire amount. 5-10 participants - will draw 3 names. 1st place will get 50% of funds, 2nd place gets 30%, and 3rd place gets 20% gold back. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: 1. I will personally throw in 10,000,000 gold as a starting sum, and will not participate myself. (So the winner will guaranteed win at least 10mil for only paying in 1mil) 2. If you lose, you don't get anything. 3. All participant names will be made public, along with a fair method of chosing the winners by a 3rd party raffle system and winner names made public. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Contact either @LadyDior or @Edgars (Nite) during next 3 days, we'll send a COD message you for the amount with the subject title MARCH RAFFLE as a receipt and proof of entree. Once we receive the gold, will update the participant list and keep it public.
  5. Here's some data on Bosses for level 90+, plan your raids accordingly.
  6. WHEN: - Server maintenance, will be announced when the time will be near in Discord Announcements. - Duration between 30 minutes to 1 hour. WHAT: - Server Upkeep - Windows Update - Server Restart
  7. Edgars

    Update 30

    For info about the update, please check the Patch Notes:
  8. Hi everyone, we will be implementing a +100% gold rate (on top of the 5x the server currently provides) for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Event will be ending on Monday October 8th at midnight.
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