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  1. April Guild Event Event Title: The Spring Scavenger Hunt When: Starting on Friday, April 10th @ 9:00 PM EST Ending on Saturday, April 11th @ 11:59 PM Where: The path between Colhen and Rocheste in Ch. 1 How to Participate: 🐰 Put on a bunny outfit or any outfit of your choice with a bunny headgear. Dye your outfit in **pastel colors** and wear it on the Event Day! 🐰 Meet with us on Friday, April 10th @ 9:00 PM EST. 🐰 At the gathering point, RennyLop will give you a list of the items you must gather. 🐰 After you finish gathering the items, take a screenshot , post it on here, and COD the items to RennyLop. The fastest participants will win the following rewards: 1st Place: Astera Weapon Essence 2nd Place: Dullahan’s Essence 3rd Place and 4th Place : Abomination’s Essence and Eochaid’s Essence 🐰 Good Luck to you all and Happy Hunting! 🐰
  2. Congratulations on winning our Valentine’s Day Screenshot Contest!! 1st Place: ChiPu 2nd Place: Tendo 3rd Place: Renny LadyDior’s Choice Award: Tendo and Renny 💗Thank you everyone for participating!💗
  3. I’m not entering the contest since I am giving out the rewards, but I just want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Tile of the Screenshot: Just a Kiss Goodnight! 😘
  4. February Event # 2: Secret Valentine (February 7th - February 15th) One Valentine’s Day event is not enough, so we are going to turn up the heat by adding another event! We are going to play a Secret Valentine Game! (It’s pretty much the same as Secret Santa). How to play this (love) game?: ❤️ To participate, sign up on the forum. (The forum will be opened for signing up until February 5th. We will begin the event on February 7th.) ❤️ You will get a name of a randomly chosen guild member for you to be their Secret Valentine. ❤️ Send the minimum of 3 gifts of your choice with clues about yourself! Simply give one gift + one clue at a time. Make a secret alt, so your Valentine won’t find out who you are until the last day! Don’t forget to be creative! ❤️ Reveal yourself in game to your Valentine on February 14th! If you can’t make it on the 14th, do reveal yourself in game on the February 15th! Let the love game begin! 🥰
  5. February Event # 1: Valentine’s Day Screenshot Contest (February 1st - February 14th) There are many sayings when it comes to love, such as “Love is in the air.”, “You are my sunshine on the rainy day.”, "I will love you until the end of time.”, and so on. Whatever your love saying might be, let’s show us your lovely screenshots in this event! How to participate: ❤️Find a partner (they can be your friend, your lover, your brother, or your sister, or something else) ❤️Take a Valentine’s Day related screenshot with your partner and post it on EOL forum. Be sure to add your and your partner’s in-game-names. ❤️Tell us a little about your screenshot. Rewards: ❤️1st Place Winners: 50m + 2 Rank 6 Enchant Scrolls ❤️2nd Place Winners: 30m + 1 Rank 6 Enchant Scroll ❤️3rd Place Winners: 20m 😘LadyDior’s Choice Award: LadyDior Mouse pad!!!
  6. **Luna New Year Celebration** We are inviting you to celebrate Luna New Year with us on Saturday, January 25th. How will we celebrate? 🎊Simply look your best in traditional Asian costume. 🎊 Be online to party with us or to be afk. 🎊 Post your screenshots here! 🎊Edge of Light Guild members who post their screenshots will receive a surprise in their mailboxes! 🎊Happy Luna New Year🎊
  7. December Guild Event As we all know, December is the month of celebrations of many holidays. To spread cheer and joy, we would like to invite Edge of Light members to join us for our December Guild Event! Event Title: December Scenic Screenshot Contest When: Now until December 25th How: 1. Take a scenic screenshot that reminds you of any holidays in December. 2. Post your screenshot on EOL Forum. 3. Tell us a little about your screenshot. Rewards: 1st Place Winner: 30m gold + 1 EOL merchandise (TBA) 2nd Place Winner: 20m gold 3rd Place Winner: 10m gold 🎄Good Luck and Happy Holidays!🎄 🎄
  8. ** October Guild Event Winners!** 1st Place - Soldier and Yarii 2nd Place - Fuyumii (aka Rita) 3rd Place - TendoEnju, Kerrot, and AMADWAN Congratulations! Thank you for participating and thanks to those who voted for these winners!
  9. Fall is finally here, and Halloween is soon to come! To spice things up, we are inviting the Edge of Light Guild Members to join us for the October Guild Event! What: Fall/Halloween Screenshot Contest When: October 1st-30th How: Simply post your best screenshot(s) from the battle(s) while wearing a Fall outfit or a Halloween costume. How to win: Invite your friends to vote for you! Restrictions: You must be an EOL member. You are allowed to post up to 3 screenshots Rewards: Edge of Light coffee mug + 25m gold Edge of Light bottle opener + 15m gold Edge of Light keychain + 10m gold 🍁Good luck and Happy Fall Y’all! 🍁
  10. Join us for weekly Claire and Macha runs! Schedule: Monday: Claire Tuesday: Macha Wednesday: Claire Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm US Central Time Requirement: For Claire: 26k ATT. or M.ATT For Macha: 28k ATT. or M.ATT
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