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Information on guild events, schedules, plans, recruiting, and other data. 

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    • Changes: Lensflare on Tempestarii Railjack skin will now update when hovering over customizations. (Spoiler) music will still play in Call of the Tempestarii even if the music slider is down. Fixes: Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to launch a solo Railjack mission as client. Fixed FX spam in Void Storms (potentially).  Fixed several crashes that could occur from aborting a Railjack mission. Fixed several crashes throughout the Call of the Tempestarii quest. Fixed a prog stop in Call of the Tempestarii that could occur from using the Parazon while playing as Operator. Fixed incorrect localization in part of Call of the Tempestarii quest. Fixed Call of the Tempestarii quest granting additional final rewards for repeated playthroughs. Fixed a crash that could occur if Helios attempted to scan while playing as Sevagoth. Fixed floaty Lich heads appearing near the end of Call of the Tempestarii quest. Fixed items picked up by Sevagoth's Shadow being duplicated whenever you switch to him.   View the full article
    • Guided by the visions of Jihli Aliapoh, Hatching-tide returns this year to engulf the realm in its joyous mayhem. The city-states will be festooned with colorful decorations, setting the stage for yet another round of eggciting revelry! Event Duration From Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) / 8:00 (GMT) / 9:00 (BST) to Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT) / 14:59 (GMT) / 15:59 (BST) How to Participate Begin the quest “Fowl Demands” by speaking to Jihli Aliapoh in Old Gridania (X:10.2 Y:9.4). *Players must be level 15 and above to start the quest. Click here to visit the special site.[na.finalfantasyxiv.com]View the full article
    • : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/39210/announcements/detail/3096762857509837052]here[/url]. View the full article
    • Update 55 has been released. We will be starting a new event that will last all summer long!!! With rare items from Temporal/DailyMissions and Arcana's Dice game! Please check the patch notes for more details!
    • Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.1 As we continue to read Feedback and collect Bugs, our public Trello board will be updated: https://wrfr.me/3uNtd3W We are moving a lot of this over to an ‘Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii’ label, and will reorganize and leave details on the cards where applicable! As a reminder, this board is not-exhaustive and the Hotfix notes will always be a best reference.   Changes:   Crewship Health Bars now disappear once a given Crewship is in the destruction phase so you know when to stop shooting.   Fixes:   Fixed a Script Error caused by Void Storms. This would cause crazy bursts of colour and stacking effects, and should be resolved now.  Fixed an issue with Component Stat changes reverting when opening the Railjack Mod Configs. Fixed issues with the Spy mission progress tracker on the player HUD not correctly updating.  Fixed a few issues with doors and panels in a Corpus Spy vault.  Fixed Nautilus Mask and Tail effects not respecting player colours. Fixed a rare Script Error.  Fixed a Crash associated with Void Storms.  Fixed an issue with Inaros’s Agile animation set.  Fixed various typos.  Fixed a Crash related to a Cy transmission.  Fixed script crash while returning to Dojo just as mission is starting / while streaming into mission. Fixed several crashes in Call of the Tempestarii quest. Fixed Sevagoth not going into Shadow form after death if Sevagoth previously died in Archwing. Fixed boarders showing up at the Dry Dock after aborting an Orphix mission. Fixed Sungem Railjack Skin not using your Energy color. Fixed a script error while using Wukong’s Celestial Twin. Fixed Danse Macabre loop sound staying active when client aborts mission while power is active. Also fixed Danse Macabre end sound playing when entering the menu while power is active, it wont be triggered now. Fixed Sevagoth not being able to use two colors on his emissives.  Fixed Vala moving their mouth during Call of the Tempestarii end screen because of a crew member transmission.  Fixed a script error when starting a Void Storm mission that's just about to expire. Fixed Grineer Crewship pilot weapon not having any muzzle flashes when fired from pilot seat and no external firing positions in space. Fixed a hitch in the Codex if you select Call of the Tempestarii quest before completing the Deadlock Protocol.  Fixed arrows on Mirage variants and idle to follow the bow. View the full article
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