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  6. damn, kk 10 chars done



  7. Come and sit on Santa's lap in the freezing cold of outdoors because we don't want fires in the north pole because the ice caps are already melting enough -chooberV
  8. Believe in the magic of christmas, happy x-mas everyone, jingle,jingle ^o^
  9. Successfully delivered all of the worlds presents, back to my lair to make more for next year. Merry Christmas to all.
  10. Family, Its a bond beyond species, beyond blood bonds. Christmas brings that family togheter, no matter how far they left from home.
  11. the public lit the tree event

    Clipboard 6.jpg

  12. hmmm i dont know .......

    Clipboard 2.jpg

  13. i never was a friend of the cold, of the winter and his snow, but i like u all so i like 2 wish u a merry xMas over all !
  14. tryed to make a XMAS shot but sadly was in any pic a pumkin bug 😷✌️ merry xmas so far

    Clipboard 3.jpg

  15. December Guild Event As we all know, December is the month of celebrations of many holidays. To spread cheer and joy, we would like to invite Edge of Light members to join us for our December Guild Event! Event Title: December Scenic Screenshot Contest When: Now until December 25th How: 1. Take a scenic screenshot that reminds you of any holidays in December. 2. Post your screenshot on EOL Forum. 3. Tell us a little about your screenshot. Rewards: 1st Place Winner: 30m gold + 1 EOL merchandise (TBA) 2nd Place Winner: 20m gold 3rd Place Winner: 10m gold 🎄Good Luck and Happy Holidays!🎄 🎄
  16. ilike2luv that juice



    1. AmA ly Y ss A
    2. AmA ly Y ss A

      AmA ly Y ss A

      wow the paradisestoner event eats all my gold but she got a +13 now


  17. I forgot my secondary password  and how to do Will recover secondary password . help me 


  18. testin voice update (NA)



  19. gifted a greatsword to a friend....


  20. i voted Evieeeeeee, cus she is the oldest and have2eat the most pain of the wrong tale


    unknown (6).png

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