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  3. da da da damn


    unknown (1).png

  4. alike2luv that Belle4that


  5. OMGsetup



    1. AmA ly Y ss A

      AmA ly Y ss A

      a friendly sayed, it looks like this assassin, so itryed it with a facepaint


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  7. lalalalaaaaa 


    Clipboard 9.jpg

    1. AmA ly Y ss A

      AmA ly Y ss A



    2. Edgars


      This one looks creepy cuz of the mask, but also looks good at the same time

  8. damn i have an Evie here


  9. setups but mostly im only a clown

    Clipboard 9.jpg

    Clipboard 10.jpg

    Clipboard 11.jpg

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  11. ** October Guild Event Winners!** 1st Place - Soldier and Yarii 2nd Place - Fuyumii (aka Rita) 3rd Place - TendoEnju, Kerrot, and AMADWAN Congratulations! Thank you for participating and thanks to those who voted for these winners!
  12. IGN TendoEnju enjoy my goblin witch
  13. ign Fuyumii old SS but lewd
  14. 님 안녕하세요 운좋게 한국인 유저를 발견해서 궁금한게 있어서 여쭤볼려고합니다..

    레퀴엠 네트워크 런처에서 incorrect username or password 뜰때 유저네임이나 패스워드 입력칸에 

    아무것도 입력이 안되고 커서조차 생기지않는데 혹시 어찌 해결하는지 아시나요...

    이거때문에 로그인도 못하고있어서 갑작스럽지만 남깁니다 죄송합니다..

  15. Fall is finally here, and Halloween is soon to come! To spice things up, we are inviting the Edge of Light Guild Members to join us for the October Guild Event! What: Fall/Halloween Screenshot Contest When: October 1st-30th How: Simply post your best screenshot(s) from the battle(s) while wearing a Fall outfit or a Halloween costume. How to win: Invite your friends to vote for you! Restrictions: You must be an EOL member. You are allowed to post up to 3 screenshots Rewards: Edge of Light coffee mug + 25m gold Edge of Light bottle opener + 15m gold Edge of Light keychain + 10m gold 🍁Good luck and Happy Fall Y’all! 🍁
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