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  5. The winners of “Zecalion (aka GeneralRED)’s Screenshot Contest is Back!” are: 1st Place: Vani 2nd Place: Anti 3rd Place: izaya Congratulations and thank you for participating! Hopefully one day will be back together to play again! Edge of Light Admin Team
  6. The three clowns super combo attack Bluee and Marrec being my lackeys. bye brother red, come back soon :')
  7. Will miss you Brother, take care of yourself and hope to see you soon
  8. Hope you come back soon Red! Bob Sapp will be waiting :^D
  9. So many screenshots.. ah.. the tyranny of choice... But since my chars seem to specialize in bonging people in the head (including Red), have to go with this one :3 Also may the force be with you Red and may fortunes fare you well and return you to us as soon as possible so that you may carry us and smite our enemies into tiny little pieces in the name of our God and Saviour Bark Mk II. (Also, best of lucks to everyone who participates and may you have fun 😛)
  10. Zecalion (aka GeneralRED)’s Screenshot Contest is Back! This event is sponsored by our kind Admin, Zecalion. He is taking this opportunity to give out free stuff to our lovely guild members and to say a temporary goodbye due an IRL event. He will return to us as soon as he can. How to participate: 🇹🇭Simply post one of your best screenshots on EOL Forum. 🇹🇭At the end of the event, Zecalion will choose 3 winners. When: Now until July 4th at 12:00 PM EST Rewards: 1st Place: Macha’s Essence 2nd Place: Astera Armor of Your Choice 3rd: Place: Level 85
  11. Went for a non-flashy "cool" look Also, do blue eyes count? IGN: Plaso
  12. I can't quite put my finger on your style, but I hope this is it~ IGN: Lechaud(Sylas) or Bridge(Arisha)
  13. Here's my entry - I've gone for pastel colours to show off the design. IGN: Tiffania
  14. Hey EoL members, Bluee, my Arisha has been having some fashion troubles and doesn't have many Arisha friends to ask about it! I'd like to announce a short and sweet event for this week. When: Until the June 29th How: 1.Create an outfit fitting for Arisha. (Bonus points if it's blue!) 2.Find a nice location to show off your newly put together Arisha outfit. 3.Take screenshots and post them below with your IGN! We will have two winners in which the first place winner can choose one below and the second place will receive the other: 1. Starting
  15. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈Courtesy of Dior, you guys will SUFFER! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 IGN: RennyLop
  16. June Guild Event Event Title: The Summer Scavenger Hunt When: Starting on Friday, June 19th at 8 PM EST Ending on Sunday, June 21st at 12 PM EST Where: Malina Beach by the Magic Shack in Ch. 1 How to Participate: 1. Simply type your IGN here to sign up. 2. Put on a summer outfit or a swimwear and show up at the designated place, date, and time. 3. Meet with us on Friday, June 19th at 8 PM EST in Malina by the Magic Shack. 4. At the gathering point, RennyLop will give you a list of the items you must gather. 5. After you finish ga
  17. **Congratulations to The Winners of May Guild Event: Are You Ready for Summer?** @everyone ☀️xKaty☀️ 🏖 Dior’s Choice Award: Dullahan’s Essence ☀️Genesis☀️ 🏖 Marrec’s Choice Award: Heartless Vigor Astera Helm ☀️USAGI☀️ 🏖 MYSTERYMAN (aka GeneralRED)’s Choice Award: Astera Armor of you choice ☀️Tiffania☀️ 🏖 RennyLop’s Choice Award: Astera’s Essence: Hand Armor ☀️Rasin☀️ 🏖 Savyris’ Choice Award: 20m Gold **For those who didn’t win but participated, we are rewarding you with 1m gold each for taki
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