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Requiem is an MMO Gaming Community that is open to gamers of all
backgrounds. Regardless of whether you play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation,
Nintendo, or on other platforms, you will be welcome here.

About This Club

In the world of darkness, there's always an edge/border where darkness becomes light, and light becomes darkness.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Fall is finally here, and Halloween is soon to come! To spice things up, we are inviting the Edge of Light Guild Members to join us for the October Guild Event! What: Fall/Halloween Screenshot Contest: When: October 1st-30th How: Simply post your best screenshot(s) from the battle(s) while wearing a Fall outfit or a Halloween costume. How to win: Invite your friends to vote for you! Restrictions: You must be an EOL member. You are allowed to post up to 3 screenshots Rewards: Edge of Light coffee mug + 25m gold Edge of Light bottle opener + 15m gold Edge of Light keychain + 10m gold 🍁Good luck and Happy Fall Y’all! 🍁
  3. And the winners for the raffle:
  4. EVENT FOR EDGE OF LIGHT GUILD ONLY Start: Friday, March 1st End: Sunday, March 3rd Entree fee: 1,000,000 gold per person How it works: Next 3 days, everyone can participate in raffle. Each person sends in 1mil gold, at the end of Sunday, we'll draw up to 3 participant names for the sum collected EXAMPLE: 1 to 5 participants in raffle - will draw one name, and the winner will get the entire amount. 5-10 participants - will draw 3 names. 1st place will get 50% of funds, 2nd place gets 30%, and 3rd place gets 20% gold back. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: 1. I will personally throw in 10,000,000 gold as a starting sum, and will not participate myself. (So the winner will guaranteed win at least 10mil for only paying in 1mil) 2. If you lose, you don't get anything. 3. All participant names will be made public, along with a fair method of chosing the winners by a 3rd party raffle system and winner names made public. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Contact either @LadyDior or @Edgars (Nite) during next 3 days, we'll send a COD message you for the amount with the subject title MARCH RAFFLE as a receipt and proof of entree. Once we receive the gold, will update the participant list and keep it public.
  5. Here's some data on Bosses for level 90+, plan your raids accordingly.
  6. Join us for weekly Claire and Macha runs! Schedule: Monday: Claire Tuesday: Macha Wednesday: Claire Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm US Central Time Requirement: For Claire: 26k ATT. or M.ATT For Macha: 28k ATT. or M.ATT

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