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In the world of darkness, there's always an edge/border where darkness becomes light, and light becomes darkness.

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  2. **Congratulations to The Winners of May Guild Event: Are You Ready for Summer?** @everyone ☀️xKaty☀️ 🏖 Dior’s Choice Award: Dullahan’s Essence ☀️Genesis☀️ 🏖 Marrec’s Choice Award: Heartless Vigor Astera Helm ☀️USAGI☀️ 🏖 MYSTERYMAN (aka GeneralRED)’s Choice Award: Astera Armor of you choice ☀️Tiffania☀️ 🏖 RennyLop’s Choice Award: Astera’s Essence: Hand Armor ☀️Rasin☀️ 🏖 Savyris’ Choice Award: 20m Gold **For those who didn’t win but participated, we are rewarding you with 1m gold each for taking the time to get beautiful screenshots for us to enjoy! Thank you!** ☀️ Edge of Light Admin Team ☀️
  3. Noooice Why haven't I thought of that :^)
  4. Hope you get the reference :^) IGN: Bluee
  5. Not enough summery locations, thought i'd be unique with this one but I see I was beat to the punch~ IGN: Hajoon
  6. IGN : Genesis This was kind of challenging, I manage to make a summer vibes outfit.
  7. IGN: Tiffania Edited: It is my rendition of The Little Mermaid Good luck everyone 😃
  8. May Guild Event: Are you ready for summer? (Now until May 31st) Howdy Edge of Light Guild Members! The weather is getting hotter everyday, and that means summer is coming! To get ready for the summer sun, we would like to invite you to join us in our May event! How to participate: 1. Put together a summer outfit or swimwear! 2. Find a place to take a screenshot. (Be creative!) 3. Post your best screenshot and IGN here. Each Admin will choose his/her favorite screenshot! Rewards are the following! Dior’s Choice Award: Dullahan’s Essence Marrec’s Choice Award: Heartless Vigor Astera Helm MYSTERYMAN (aka GeneralRED)’s Choice Award: Astera Armor of you choice RennyLop’s Choice Award: Astera’s Essence: Hand Armor Savyris' Choice Award: 20m Gold Good Luck! Edge of Light Admin Team
  9. Wait... where am I? Wat is dis? Hm.. I guess I should post a screeenshot and run :3 (Char is Vani )
  10. Greetings Edge of Light Members, We would like to announce a special event for this week! It is called “GeneralRED’s Screenshot Contest”! GeneralRED is one of the beloved members from our admin team! You may have seen and/or played with him before. He is throwing in this easy and fun event to give out goodies to our members! How to participate: Simply post one of your best screenshots on here, limit one entry per person! At the end of the event, GeneralRED will choose 3 winners. When: May 3rd - May 9th Rewards: 1st Place: Astera Helm 2nd Place: Dullahan Weapon or Armor of your choice 3rd: Place: Level 85 Belt of your choice (Woeful Belt or Grim Belt) Good luck! Edge of Light Admin Team
  11. Just a more detailed explanations on what to expect: You'll be given lists of items under 6 different categories. Each category may contain 1 to 5 items. When the choices are given, you can pick out which item within the list to farm. You only need to farm quantity 1 of the item you choose, and you satisfy the requirement for that category's challenge. You are to farm 8 items in total, one of the category you will be given 5 items and you need to pick 3 to complete the challenge for that category. The other 5 categories only require 1 material to be gathered each. Every participant completing all 6 challenges will receive a small prize at the end I would recommend you to be on group's discord so I can send you the entire list in DM. If you have any questions or need clarification let me know. Happy hunting!
  12. April Guild Event Event Title: The Spring Scavenger Hunt When: Starting on Friday, April 10th @ 9:00 PM EST Ending on Saturday, April 11th @ 11:59 PM Where: The path between Colhen and Rocheste in Ch. 1 How to Participate: 🐰 Put on a bunny outfit or any outfit of your choice with a bunny headgear. Dye your outfit in **pastel colors** and wear it on the Event Day! 🐰 Meet with us on Friday, April 10th @ 9:00 PM EST. 🐰 At the gathering point, RennyLop will give you a list of the items you must gather. 🐰 After you finish gathering the items, take a screenshot , post it on here, and COD the items to RennyLop. The fastest participants will win the following rewards: 1st Place: Astera Weapon Essence 2nd Place: Dullahan’s Essence 3rd Place and 4th Place : Abomination’s Essence and Eochaid’s Essence 🐰 Good Luck to you all and Happy Hunting! 🐰
  13. Congratulations on winning our Valentine’s Day Screenshot Contest!! 1st Place: ChiPu 2nd Place: Tendo 3rd Place: Renny LadyDior’s Choice Award: Tendo and Renny 💗Thank you everyone for participating!💗
  14. Since my wife doesn't play this game. I took a screen with my date instead.
  15. I’m not entering the contest since I am giving out the rewards, but I just want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Tile of the Screenshot: Just a Kiss Goodnight! 😘
  16. Me and my imaginary friend! I call him Bloo How I spent my Valentines day

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